random thoughts and being vulnerable

These are just some random thoughts:


  1. Learning how to learn is such a great lesson!
  2. It`s a great challenge to learn how to be kind, how to love, how to be hurt, how to offer, how to say no, how to lose or how to express yourself.
  3. It is commonly said that you should never let the mean or bad comments of others get to you, but what if they can help you? Why be so ignorant? What if by listening to some of them you can perhaps see that it can be a reflection of themselves, that maybe they are frustrated about something, or maybe they actually speak the truth about you even though they still have the intention of hurting you. Don’t be so surprised that you are not perfect! However, responding with kindness will not only make you the bigger person, but it will bring a certain element in your life that will calm you down.
  4. I have made so many mistakes across my lifetime but realizing them and also overcoming some of the things that have happened to me helped me become so strong but so vulnerable at the same time! That, being vulnerable is just one of the things that I cannot control about myself and that’s fine. Also, I cannot control my strength and that’s pretty fucking awesome.
  5. I know it sounds so corny but it really is a journey and you can evolve so much if you concentrate on nurturing your soul. On this journey we tend to forget some essential things. One of them is being warm and kind to one another and the other is the fact that pizza at midnight can be extremely beneficial. (not for your body tho)
  6. What the fuck do I know?

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