random thoughts and being vulnerable

These are just some random thoughts:


  1. Learning how to learn is such a great lesson!
  2. It`s a great challenge to learn how to be kind, how to love, how to be hurt, how to offer, how to say no, how to lose or how to express yourself.
  3. It is commonly said that you should never let the mean or bad comments of others get to you, but what if they can help you? Why be so ignorant? What if by listening to some of them you can perhaps see that it can be a reflection of themselves, that maybe they are frustrated about something, or maybe they actually speak the truth about you even though they still have the intention of hurting you. Don’t be so surprised that you are not perfect! However, responding with kindness will not only make you the bigger person, but it will bring a certain element in your life that will calm you down.
  4. I have made so many mistakes across my lifetime but realizing them and also overcoming some of the things that have happened to me helped me become so strong but so vulnerable at the same time! That, being vulnerable is just one of the things that I cannot control about myself and that’s fine. Also, I cannot control my strength and that’s pretty fucking awesome.
  5. I know it sounds so corny but it really is a journey and you can evolve so much if you concentrate on nurturing your soul. On this journey we tend to forget some essential things. One of them is being warm and kind to one another and the other is the fact that pizza at midnight can be extremely beneficial. (not for your body tho)
  6. What the fuck do I know?


IMG_20170104_220632A big part of growing up is admitting that you fucked up. It does not matter what or when but you need to understand that you do make mistakes sometimes even though you don’t see them right away. Sometimes, bad things might happen to you and that’s independent of what you want or what your plans are and it’s simply because the Universe does not like you at that point, or maybe it’s karma, we’ll never know. However, injustices are everywhere and you will hit the pavement in spite of all your efforts and your good behavior but this is not the root of all your bad experiences.

It is crucial to have a conversation with yourself. You have to ask yourself why you do the things that you do and why you sometimes can’t control some aspects of your behavior. You need to understand yourself in order to help yourself grow. Why do you have toxic relationships or toxic friendships, why do you feel the need to pour your heart out to strangers, why are you unable to take no for an answer (even if you say that you do), why do you lack ambition in some aspects of your life and have too much in others, why do you make abuse of some things. These are all questions that lead you to answers that you may not like, but you have to accept who you are right now and go from there.

Now, once you have reached this point you have made quite a big step and you need to reeducate yourself on some things, in some directions.

I just look at myself the way I look at a child. I imagine that I am 10 years old right now and I have to emotionally raise myself. And I take care of myself just like a mother does with her daughter. I metaphorically slap my own hand and say `no` when I am about to make a mistake and take a step back to breathe. I have so much to learn about myself and so do you…you just have to admit it.

Be your own mother, be your own father, be your own teacher and be your own best friend, so that you can do this for someone else as well in the future.


Self love the most real love.