Power is such a wonderful thing! It can be taken, it can grow, it can be given…

Giving someone power over your senses will make you realize how much you actually needed that, how much you needed to allow another human being to take over, to be responsible of your body, even for a short while. It’s no more than a shift of power. It might take you a minute, a year or five to find out that letting go is not what you thought it might be. It is not frightening, it does not harm you…unless you want to.

Take your mind out of your body and let it feel what your arms can, what your legs feel when they cannot stop shaking and what your tongue is feeling when it will not allow you to speak.

You grow and you find out who you are, what you like, what you can be and then you push it further. You set goals for yourself, you fail them and then you simply go beyond them. I guess it’s all human nature, evolving is mandatory.



UWO6HLu         honey, none of the substances you fill your body with will make any difference. the images in your head must be pretty fucking blurry but the lenses have some stains on them right now. oh, but don`t worry now.

you don`t have to be broke to get broke

you don`t have to be insane to get mad

you don`t have to be alive to feel alive

you don`t have to be in love to get loved

you don`t have to be in pain to get hurt

you don`t have to be upset to feel despair

this is the end of